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Our goal is to enhance and coordinate care of acute and chronically ill adult patients for all diseases , infection and emergency conditions.Treatment recommendations and medication changes made after rounds are monitored and appropriate follow-up care is given.The chief medical suprident will be available inside the hospital premises and can be called 24/7 directly by the patients.

General Medicine Department

  • We provide 24/7 on-call services meaning quick responses, assessments and interventions whenever patient conditions require it.
  • Physicians will spend time with patients, consult with other care providers and speak with family members.
  • Physicians makes 2 rounds daily morning and evening for all inpatients as routine , maintaining a case file where day to day orders have been written, and will be ensured tat the day to day orders have been carried out by efficient nurses so that patient gets timely healing and proper care.
  • A patient relation officer will be appointed for all patients who cordinates to makes sure tat lab results, scan reports , referrals from other department are done in earliest as per doctors orders.


The Primary Care department at GIMS Health Care handles all general ailments and less acute illnesses like cold or flu. This department is run by a team of experienced general physicians and they are the first point of consultation for many patients at GIMS..

24/7 medical suprident

24/7 medical suprident , patient relation officer , doctor on rounds can be contacted directly by patient for the progression of treatment plans .


Scan centre’s, microbiology , biochemistry and pathology laboratories inside the hospital premises , to avoid unnecessary travel by patients for sample .

Individual Room

Individual room for all in patients with sophisticated and comfortable environment for patients and family members during their stay.


24/7 ambulance services


This department is run by a team of experienced General Physicians.

Walter White

Chief Medical Officer

Sarah Jhonson


William Anderson