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If you have Crohn's disease, colitis, celiac disease, colon cancer or another gastrointestinal disease, GIMS HealthCare gastroenterologists can help you find answers.The gastroenterology department provides consultation, detection, and treatment for diseases of the digestive system through a comprehensive approach to medicine. Our specialized gastroenterologists are highly-skilled in treating gastrointestinal problems such as dysphagia, irritable bowel syndrome, hepatobiliary, and nutritional disorders, and are also highly-experienced in the application of new methods for diagnosis and treatments such as minimal access endoscopic procedures. From our state-of-the-art facilities, we bring you the latest clinical gastroenterology procedures and treatments in a comfortable setting with our team of friendly and experienced physicians who are ready to help you make the right decision regarding your health.

GIMS HealthCare Excellence in Gastroenterology

  • Minimally invasive options:

    GIMS HealthCare expert endoscopists often can provide the care you need without surgery. When surgery is needed, our surgeons use small incisions whenever possible to reduce pain and scarring. Surgeons at GIMS HealthCare also use a proven pre- and post-surgery enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol to speed your recovery after colon surgery.

  • If you have Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, let our experienced team suggest medication, diet and other strategies to help you avoid relapses. As one of the first programs in the country with a dedicated psychologist and dietitian on our team, we can also give you the skills and tools you need to handle food allergies and sensitivities that affect your quality of life. We also provide several support groups to help you connect with others facing similar challenges.

  • We offer same-day, virtual and in-person appointments for many conditions. When we can't schedule your appointment on the same day as your request, we can usually see you within a week so you can get answers as quickly as possible.

  • Many of our doctors are also researchers looking for new ways to treat GI diseases, such as by improving sleep patterns in patients with IBD and other conditions. If you see one of our specialists, you may have early access to promising new therapies for IBD, cancer or other diseases before they are available elsewhere.

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This department is run by a team of experienced Gastroenterology.

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