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When you have trouble breathing, it affects every aspect of your life. GIMS HealthCare lung disease experts help you breathe easier and return to activities you love. To get the right diagnosis and treatment for your breathing problem, you need an experienced team. Pulmonologists at GIMS HealthCare are experts in identifying and treating every kind of lung condition, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, shortness of breath and more. They're also experts in treating breathing problems caused by COVID-19. Because many lung conditions also involve your heart, our pulmonologists work especially closely with GIMS HealthCare cardiologists. And they plan your care in collaboration with other specialists, including those in internal medicine. thoracic surgery, lung cancer and airway disorders.

GIMS HealthCare Excellence in Pulmonology

    Nationally recognized COVID-19 experts:
  • GIMS HealthCare is a national leader in treating COVID-19 patients successfully.
  • In fact, many of these patients are transferred to GIMS HealthCare from other hospitals because of our special expertise. GIMS HealthCare clinicians and researchers are deeply involved in testing new therapies and diagnostic tools, including medications and positioning to improve COVID-19 patients' breathing.

Pulmonology treats a wide range of diseases

    Traditional Thorax and Esophagus Surgery.

    Thorax and Esophagus as Endoscopic Surgery.

    Operations to Strengthen the Diaphragm.

    Endoscopic Therapy of Regurgitation.

    Endoscopic Repair of the Diaphragm Hernia.


The department also provides expert management for the entire range of Expert Doctors

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