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Medical Genetics Program is the main tertiary referral center for genetic diseases in the country. We provide diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of genetic disorders. We specialize in treating lysosomal storage disorders with stem cell transplantation and enzyme replacement therapy. We have established the first independent genetic counseling service and prevention genetics program.

Scope of Services:

  • We are particularly active in diagnosis, management and treatment of Inborn Errors of Metabolism. We have special expertise in treating lysosomal storage disorders with stem cell transplantation and enzyme replacement therapy.
  • Our monthly cardiovascular genetics clinic provides a unique opportunity for diagnosis, research and prevention of familial cardiovascular diseases
  • Through six weekly genetic counselling clinics, our genetic counsellors (in the Genetic Counselling Service and prevention genetics program) provide genetic counselling for a wide range of genetic disorders with focus on primary prevention of genetic disease through intensive family education and preventive reproductive options.
  • Pediatric Clinical Genetics and Clinical Biochemical Genetics (Inborn Error s of Metabolism) service:

    A team of physicians deliver inpatient and outpatient care to patients with wide range of genetic conditions that include chromosomal, single gene, and multifactorial disorders. Examples include patients with dysmorphic and non-dysmorphic syndromes, multiple congenital anomalies, prenatal exposure to environment factors, single gene non-metabolic and metabolic disorders. Emphasis is to combine personalized genetic diagnosis and treatment for our patient population.

  • Receive comprehensive, personalized care from a multidisciplinary team known for excellent outcomes in acoustic neuromas and lateral skull base tumors.

  • Through an active consultation service, the department provides its services to departments such as Cardiology, Neurology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics and ENT to address issues relevant to patients with genetic diseases seen by these departments. Through this collaboration, the department participates in multidisciplinary care in the hospital. On consultation basis, the department also evaluates patients with inherited forms of cancer, and genetic predisposition to cancer.

  • Genetic counsellors provide counselling to patients, couples and families with or at risk of genetic conditions. Counsellors provide the recurrent risk in future pregnancies and various options to prevent or reduce the risk of recurrence of genetic diseases. We emphasize on providing personalized diagnosis and counselling.


The department also provides expert management for the entire range of Expert Doctors.

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