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The Division of Developmental Medicine (DDM) is one of the largest and most comprehensive divisions of its type. Our mission is to improve the lives of infants, children, and adolescents who have developmental and behavioral problems, and to support their families throughout their child’s life span. Our goal is to create new models of integrated and collaborative clinical service, training, and research, which will lead to better diagnostic acumen, treatment, quality of life, and ultimately cures for developmental and behavioral challenges. In addition, the mission of our community engagement is to expand the capacity of health care providers, teachers, and families as they support infants, children, and adolescents into young adulthood.

Division of Developmental Medicine (DDM)

    Our division was created in response to the growing recognition that parents and pediatricians need support in assessing and managing complex developmental, behavioral and learning problems. Our team provides care, teaches and conducts research within UCSF Pediatrics.

    The GIMS Health Care Developmental Medicine team offers a variety of clinical services:

    The Developmental Medicine division evaluates and cares for children with conditions related to the development of the nervous system, including the brain. We specialize in the care of children with special needs, and tailor our services to the individual child and family.

  • Medical Evaluations.
  • Feeding Team Evaluations.

Our Expertise

Our team is one of the most extensive programs of its kind in the country. Our goal is to provide professional care and support for all children with developmental disabilities.
Our highly-skilled specialists will work with you to determine your child's needs and develop a unique and total care plan. Our specialists include


You can be assured that your child will receive the best possible medical care.This department is run by a team of experienced Doctors.

Walter White

Chief Medical Officer

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