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Our Anesthesiology Department is divided into eight sub-sections, namely, Cardiac Anesthesia, Oncology Anesthesia, Obstetrics, Pediatric Anesthesia, General, Neuroanesthesia, Pain Management section, and Anesthesia Technology Section Our expert anesthesiologists provide anesthesia services for over 15,000 minor and major surgical procedures per year. We also extend our services to patients in the labor and delivery room, radiology suites, and radiation therapy and endoscopy unit. At any point of time, approximately 40 anesthesia residents and 5–6 fellows in addition to assistant consultants and consultants from around the world are available to attend to patients and provide optimal perioperative care.

Welcome to the Department of Anaesthesia. We are an independent department made up of well trained specialist physician anaesthesiologists who also have a strong interest in training the next generation of anesthesia providers.
With well equipped operating rooms, strong support from diagnostic services, multidisciplinary consultations, and a responsive management we are able to provide a very high standard of anesthetic care to our patients.
We have been pioneers in developing new services like pain management, pre-anesthesia assessment clinics, and sedation services.With this background we are able to provide a strong foundation on which we have a built a reputable training program for postgraduate doctors in anaesthesia.

Scope of Services:

The Department of Anesthesiology provides anesthesia services for all general, regional, monitored, deep sedation, and pain management procedures as follows:


The department also provides expert management for the entire range of Expert Doctors.

Walter White

Chief Medical Officer

Sarah Jhonson


William Anderson